JSI Tip 5419. How do I remove the read-only attribute while copying files from a CD-ROM?

When you copy files from a CD-ROM using Windows Explorer, any read-only attribute is also copied. With the read-only attribute set, you cannot edit the file. Some programs will not run if their associated files have the read-only attribute set. If you copy a .pst file from the CD-ROM and don't clear the read-only attribute, Outlook may not start and may issue:

Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. File access is denied. You do not have the permission required to access the file.

You can manually clear the read-only attribute by right-clicking the file in Windows Explorer, pressing Properties, and clearing the Read-only box on the General tab.

You can also open a CMD prompt and type attrib -r <destination>\*.* \[/s\].

You might find it easier to remove the read-only attribute during the copy process:

1. Open a CMD prompt.

2. Type xcopy <CD-ROM:>\*.* destination /e /h

NOTE: Xcopy resets the read-only attribute unless you use the /k switch.

NOTE: See Windows 2000 CMD help.

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