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JSI Tip 5390. When you create a new profile using 'Copy To', previous e-mail messages are lost?

If you use Outlook Express and create a new profile using Copy To, previous e-mail messages are lost when you log on using the new profile?

This problem is the result of the Copy To function not copying the Outlook Express email database, because it is stored in a sub-folder of Local Settings.

To recover the e-mail messages:

01. If the new account has access to "%SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\<Previous_UserName>\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\\{GUID\}\Microsoft\Outlook Express" skip to step 03.

02. Using an account that has access to the Identities sub-folder in step 1, copy the each Outlook Express sub-folder that contains .dbx files to a location accessible by the new account.

03. Using the new account, open the Outlook Express application.

04. Use the File menu to press Import and Messages.

05. Select the Outlook Express version in the e-mail program to import from area and press Next.

06. Select the appropriate import store and press OK.

07. Browse to the first Outlook Express sub-folder from step 01 or step 02.

08. Press OK and Next.

09. Select All folders and press Next and Finish.

10. If additional Outlook Express sub-folders exist in the previous profile, repeat steps 04 through 09 for each additional sub-folder.

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