JSI Tip 5309. Windows 2000 does NOT release the interrupt of a disabled secondary IDE channel if your computer uses the VIA chipset?

Windows 2000 does NOT fully support the VIA chipset.

If you disable the secondary IDE channel, Device Manager continues to see it as enabled, and does NOT release its' interrupt.

If you must disable the secondary IDE channel on your VIA chipset:

1. Use Device Manager to view the driver listed in the IDE/ATAPI Controllers branch. If the driver is NOT listed as Via Bus Master IDE Controller, exit this procedure.

2. Use the Registry Editor to navigate to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\\{4D36E96A.......\}, where \{4D36E96A.......\} is a much longer string, but it starts with \{4D36E96A.

3. Use the following table to add 4 Value Names to the 0000, 0003 and 0006 sub-keys:

  Value Name   Data Type   Data Value
  MasterOnConfigOffset     REG_DWORD     0x40 
  MasterOnMask                   REG_DWORD     0x02  
  SlaveOnConfigOffset        REG_DWORD     0x40  
  SlaveOnMask                      REG_DWORD     0x01  

4. Shutdown and restart your computer.

5. Verify that the Windows 2000 Device Manager displays the BIOS settings of the IDE channels.

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