JSI Tip 5306. The Windows 2000 Cluster service records a 'MoveFileExW failed' error?

You experience a node failure and the cluster.log records:

000006c8.00000740::2002/04/16-00:45:14.278 \[LM\] LogpReset:: MoveFileExW failed. Error = 0x00000005 
000006c8.00000740::2002/04/16-00:45:14.278 \[LM\] LogClose : Entry LogFile=0x000c0dd8 
000006c8.00000740::2002/04/16-00:45:14.278 \[LM\] LogClose : Exit returning success 
000006c8.00000740::2002/04/16-00:45:14.278 \[LM\] LogpReset exit, returning 0x00000005 
000006c8.00000740::2002/04/16-00:45:14.278 \[LM\] LogReset exit, returning 0x00000005 
000006c8.00000740::2002/04/16-00:45:14.278 \[DM\]DmpCheckpointTimerCb - Failed to reset log, error=5 
000006c8.00000740::2002/04/16-00:45:14.278 Microsoft Clusterservice: 
Unexpected fatal error in Line 2166 of sourcemodule D:\nt\private\cluster\service\dm\dmlog.c. errorcode: 5. 
0000078c.00000788::2002/04/16-00:45:14.715 \[RM\] Going away, Status = 1, Shutdown = 0.
This error can occur because the Cluster service is trying to rename a temporary file to Quolog.log, and can't, because the file is being accessed.

If you have file filtering software, like a virus scanner, make sure it does NOT scan the MSCS folder on the quorum disk.

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