JSI Tip 5275. How do I change the default behavior of the Windows 2000 event logs?

The default behavior of the Windows 2000 event logs is to stop recording when an event log becomes full.

To change this behavior:

1. Open the event viewer from control Panel / Administrative Tools / Event Viewer.

2. Right-click the event log that you wish to change and press Properties.

3. The default behavior is Overwrite events older than N days, where N is 7 days. If the log fills and no events are older that 7 days, new entries are NOT posted and an error is generated. You can set the number of days, or you can check:

      Overwrite events as needed to cause the oldest event to be overwritten.

      Do not overwrite events (clear log manually).

4. You can change the size of the event log by setting the Maximum log size.

5. To apply a change, press the Clear Log button. You can save the log prior to clearing by responding Yes, selecting a folder, typing a file name, and pressing Save Log. The default extension is .evt, but you can choose .txt for a tab-delimited file or .csv for a comma-delimited file.

6. Press the Apply and OK buttons.

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