JSI Tip 5258. Failure to start the Kerberos Key Distribution Center service on your Windows 2000 server causes long delays while 'Preparing Network Connections', 'Loading Your Personal Settings', and 'Applying Your Personal Settings', plus errors when you

In addition to the subject symptoms, the following services may not start:

Microsoft Exchange System Attendant

Microsoft Exchange Information Store

Microsoft Exchange MTA stacks

Microsoft Exchange IMAP4

Microsoft Exchange POP3

Intersite Messaging

You may also receive numerous Application and System event log postings.

Active Directory requires that the Kerberos Key Distribution Center service be started for authentication to function.

To enable the Kerberos Key Distribution Center service:

1. Start / Programs / Administrative Tools / Services.

2. Scroll to and double-click the Kerberos Key Distribution Center service.

3.Change the Startup Type to Automatic.

4. Press OK.

5. Shutdown and restart your Windows 2000 server.

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