JSI Tip 5250. FindNIC freeware is a command line tool for locating the installed network adapters on your Windows computers.


FindNIC, authored by Harry Bates, will search for all installed NICs on your Windows computers, even if they are currently NOT present.

You can use the search capability to locate specific strings, like wireless or 3COM or 100. If the search finds a matching NIC, FindNIC can launch a program or script.

When you type FindNIC /?, the Help screen appears:

If you wanted to find all the wireless NICs on your network, you could use Workstation.bat to run wireless.bat:

Workstation WSPD \\Server\ShareName\wireless.bat \\Server\ShareName\wireless.log

which contains:

@echo off
\\Server\ShareName\FindNIC /s=wireless /l=\\Server\ShareName\%computername%.log

NOTE: This utility changes the parameters to upper case. If you used the /R= switch, the invoked program will receive upper case parameters.

NOTE: FindNIC recursively parses HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkCards.

NOTE: See FindPCI.


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