JSI Tip 5234. How do I use Internet Explorer to configure Java security?

NOTE: To configure custom Java security, the Microsoft Virtual Machine must be installed.

Internet Explorer 4.0 and greater allows you to configure default or custom Java security settings.

To configure Java security:

1. On the Internet Explorer Tools menu, press Internet Options.

2. Select the Security tab.

3. Select Internet, Local intranet, Trusted Sites, or Restricted Sites and press Custom Level.

4. Under Microsoft VM / Java permissions, if you select Custom, a Java Custom Settings button becomes available. Press the Java Custom Settings button.

5. Two tabs are available, View Permissions and Edit Permissions. Three groupings of Java permissions are displayed, Permissions Given to Unsigned Content, Permissions That Signed Content Are Allowed, and Permissions That Signed Content Are Denied. Both unsigned and signed Java applets that request allowed permissions will run without prompting the user.

6. To change permissions, use the Edit Permissions tab. If you want to discard the changes you are making, use the Reset button to reset permissions to Saved permissions, High Security, Medium Security, or Low Security and press OK and OK.

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