JSI Tip 5190. ScriptLogic Version 4.0.

NOTE: In the Windows & .NET magazine's 2003 readers' choice awards, ScriptLogic won Best Software, 2 bests in the System Management catagory, and a best in the Utilities catagory. Version 5.0 is now available.

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"Centralized Desktop Administration for Your Ever-changing Network.

        In today's fast-paced global marketplace, the ability to provide a work force with access to the right applications and data-whenever and wherever they are needed-is indispensable for maintaining a competitive edge. Currently there are over 140 million PCs, workstations and servers installed on networks worldwide.

        Unfortunately, the administration of networked PCs and thin clients leaves a lot to be desired. For starters, it costs too much—far more than the initial investment in the PC and software. Solving problems for end users is often a full-time job for IT staff members, and they are constantly working just to maintain consistent desktop configurations throughout the organization.

        ScriptLogic solves this problem by delivering the configuration created for each user wherever they log in. Security policies, drive mappings, folder redirection, printers, Internet configuration, Microsoft Office paths, and Outlook/Exchange mail profiles are automatically configured during the logon process. Users can log in from any PC, running any Windows 32-bit OS, over any LAN, dial-up or VPN connection -- and instantly have access to their unique desktop configuration.


          ScriptLogic is software you can use to manage your network's Windows workstations and applications more efficiently, thereby significantly reducing network administration costs. Best of all -- you don't have to write or debug a single line of scripting code! 

        Using ScriptLogic's intuitive point-and-click Management Console, and exclusive Validation Logic technology, you can centrally configure and control virtually every user/computer setting (without visiting each one of them). Click on the items below to see sample screen images.

Manager - Main Menu
Common Validation Logic Dialog 
Drive mappings
Search paths
Printer deployment
Time synchronization
Exchange mail profile creation
Outlook client settings
Security policy management
Add, change or delete registry keys/values
INI file manipulation
Configure environment variables
Folder redirection for network-based user desktops, start menus, bookmarks, cookies, etc.
Create or remove Desktop shortcuts
Internet settings & proxy server access
Control Microsoft Office open & save paths
Service pack deployment
Launch applications during logon, logoff or shut down
Display messages during the logon process
Unlimited customization, using Custom Scripting

        ScriptLogic is the perfect complement for drive imaging programs like Ghost® & Partition Magic®. They provide the initial OS and application installation. ScriptLogic provides the necessary user-specific customization during the logon process.

        If you're still trying to develop universal logon scripts and manage your Windows XP, 2000, NT, Me, 98 and 95 desktops using batch files or other complex scripting languages, then it's time you get ScriptLogic -- the world’s best selling graphical logon script for Microsoft Networks!


  • More Productive Users. Personalized desktops—unique configurations of security policies, preferences, drive mappings, printers, Internet, and applications settings—can be applied to PCs based on ScriptLogic's unique Validation Logic, so everyone on the network has the familiar interface and set of resources they need, when and where they need them.
  • Simplified Administration. By centralizing the process of desktop management and enabling remote troubleshooting and repair in many cases, ScriptLogic keeps users working with less intervention required by administrators.
  • Reduced Costs. ScriptLogic leverages our unique "Template Technology" and "Validation Logic" during the network logon process to reduce the number of menial management tasks and to eliminate redundant administration so your staff can concentrate on more strategic activities and reduce your total cost of ownership.

        The benefits of a centralized approach to connecting network resources and configuring the operating system and applications to use them, are instantly realized -- whether your network consists of traditional clients, thin clients, or a mixture of both.

         By automating various redundant administrative activities, ScriptLogic cuts costs by minimizing the time users and network administrators must devote to workstation management: users are more productive, and administrators are free to concentrate on more critical issues."

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