JSI Tip 5167. How do I configure the default document in Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.0?

When a user accesses your web site, without a specific file name, such as using http://www.jsiinc.com, the Web server sends the default document.

You can configure the default document settings for the Web site and for sub-folders. IIS search for the default documents in the order that they are listed. IIS serves the first available document that it finds. If no match is found and folder browsing is enabled for the site or folder, IIS returns a folder listing. If no match is found and folder browsing is NOT enabled, IIS returns an HTTP Error 403 - Forbidden message.

Default document names can include Default.htm, Default.asp, Index.htm, and Index.html.

To configure the default document settings in IIS:

1. Open Internet Services Manager or the IIS MMC snap-in.

2. Right-click the Web site, virtual folder, or folder whose default document you wish to configure.

3. Press Properties.

4. Select the Documents tab.

5. Check the Enable Default Document box.

6. To add a new default document, press Add and type the default document name into the Default Document Name box. Press OK.

7. You can change the search order by selecting the document that you want to move and pressing the UP or Down buttons.

8. To remove a default document, select the document and press Remove.

9. Press OK and close the tool.

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