JSI Tip 5156. How do I fix a corrupt Windows 2000 user profile?

If you have a Windows 2000 user account that misbehaves, it may be due to a corrupt user profile.

To determine if the profile is corrupt:

01. Create a new temporary account and assign it the same rights and group membership as the suspect account.

02. Logon as the new temporary user.

03. Log off and log on with administrative privileges.

04. Open Control Panel / System / User Profiles.

05. Select the suspect profile and press Copy To.

06. Press the Browse button and select the new temporary account in the Documents and Settings folder.

07. Press OK.

08. Press Change under Permitted to use and set the appropriate permissions.

09. Press OK.

10. Log off and log on as the new temporary user.

If you experience the the same suspect behavior, the profile is corrupt.

NOTE: If you do not experience the same behavior, the suspect account is corrupt and must be deleted and re-created.

To fix the corrupt profile:

1. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the corrupt profile in the Documents and Settings folder.

2. Delete the user profile folder.

3. When the user logs on, a new profile will be created.

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