JSI Tip 5148. Task Scheduler 'Run As' account requires a password?

When you use Task Scheduler to schedule a task on Windows 2000 or Windows XP, the task does NOT run and the status is displayed as Could not Start?

If the Run As account is a local account, a password is required.

It is possible to schedule a task with a null password when the Run As is a domain account, but local accounts require a password when used as a scheduled task's Run As.

To workaround this feature, create a password for the local Run As account:

1. Open a CMD prompt.

2. Type net user "Run As Account" <Password>.

3. Log off and log on using the password.

4. Open Task Scheduler and double-click a scheduled task that uses the local Run As account that you set the password for in step 2.

5. Make sure the the Run As box has the <ComputerName> \ <UserName> of the account that you set the password for in step 2.

6. Press Set password and type the password from step 2.

7. Press OK.

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