JSI Tip 5011. How do I replace a driver on a Windows 2000 computer that will NOT start?

NOTE: You can use this process to replace any system file by specifying the correct path and file name.

To use this process, you must have:

1. An ERD that was created on the computer you are going to repair.

2. Any other computer with a text editor.

To replace the driver that is preventing your Windows 2000 computer from starting:

01.Insert the ERD in a working computer and remove the Read-Only attribute from the Setup.log file.

02. Right-click the floppy drive in Windows Explorer and Copy Disk, to create a backup.

03. Delete all the files from the ERD, except Setup.log.

04. Edit the Setup.log file and delete all the lines under Files.WinNT\] section, except the one that installs your driver. If the driver is aic78u2.sys, replace all the lines except:

\WINNT\system32\drivers\aic78u2.sys = "aic78u2.sys","1e363"

05. Replace the CRC value, "1e363", altering the line to be:

\WINNT\system32\drivers\aic78u2.sys = "aic78u2.sys","99999","\","ERD disk","aic78u2.sys"

06. Save the Setup.log file. 

07. Copy the driver, aic78u2.sys, to the root of the ERD.

08. Boot your damaged computer with the setup medium, either the Windows 2000 CD-ROM or the first setup floppy.

09. When the text mode setup begins, Press R to choose the Repair or Recover option.

10. If you booted with floppy disks, insert the Windows 2000 CD-ROM when prompted.

11. Choose the Emergency Repair process, when prompted, by pressing R.

12. If your registry hives are NOT corrupt, press F for Fast Repair, otherwise, press M for Manual Repair.

13. Follow the on-screen instructions, inserting the modified ERD when prompted.

14. Complete the repair, removing the media, and restart normally.

NOTE: The \WINNT path must match the TargetDirectory = value under the \[Paths\] section.

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