JSI Tip 5004. You can NOT restore when duplicate media names exist?

When you attempt use NTBackup to restore a tape, when duplicate media names exist, you may experience:

Waiting for tape

Tape loading in process... Click Cancel to stop.

Requesting tape: media name

Place Media media name into drive or library unit

Ntbackup then replaces the blue progress bar with:

Please check the Removable Storage Management MMC.

Your only option is to cancel the restore.

The Removable Storage database allows duplicate media names because each medium has a unique Global Unique Identifier (GUID).

To workaround this problem:

1. Eject any media from the tape unit.

2. In NtBackup, select the Restore tab.

3. Expand the proper Media Pool in the left-hand pane.

4. Select ALL the duplicate media names in the right-hand pane, by holding the CTRL key as you select each medium.

5. Use Tools / Media Tools / Delete from system.

6. Press Yes to confirm the deletion.

7. Start the restore and insert the medium you wish to restore from. The media name will automatically be inserted in the Backup Pool and  in the Removable Storage database. You should be able to complete the restore.

To prevent this issue in the future, use tip 2265 or a similar procedure, to create unique media names.

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