JSI Tip 4932. How do I troubleshoot STOP 0x0000004C FATAL_UNHANDLED_HARD_ERROR in Windows 2000?

STOP 0x0000004C FATAL_UNHANDLED_HARD_ERROR ( Parameter 1 , Parameter 2 , Parameter 3 , Parameter 4 )

NOTE: Only parameter 1 is relevant.

This STOP code is generally caused by a corrupt registry hive or system file, but it could be the result of failing hardware.

If parameter 1 is:

x218 - A registry hive could not be loaded, because it is damaged or missing. If you have an EISA computer, make sure memory above 16MB is enabled. See tip 3200.

x21a - Winlogon or Csrss unexpectedly terminated. Exit code c0000005 means an unhandled exception crashed the process. This is very hard to resolve.

x221 - A driver is damaged or a system DLL is damaged. Since Windows regularly checks these files, you should eventually receive an error message with the name of the file. You may need to use an alternate install to repair the damaged file.

NOTE: If possible, run hardware diagnostics.

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