JSI Tip 4915. How can I get a list of the stopped services on a computer?

SCLIST is a command-line tool that will display stopped services, running services, or all services on a local or remote computer.

NOTE: The server service must be running.

The syntax is:

sclist \[-?\] \[-r\] \[-s\] \[MachineName\]


-? - Displays the syntax help.

-s - Displays stopped services.

-r - Displays running services.

MachineName - queries the services on a remote computer.

When I type sclist -s jsi001 to query the stopped services on a domain controller, I receive:

- Service list for jsi001 (stopped)
stopped          cisvc                            Indexing Service
stopped          ClipSrv                          ClipBook
stopped          Fax                              Fax Service
stopped          mnmsrvc                          NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing
stopped          SharedAccess                     Internet Connection Sharing
stopped          TlntSvr                          Telnet
stopped          TrkSvr                           Distributed Link Tracking Server
stopped          UtilMan                          Utility Manager
See tip 4916.

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