JSI Tip 4866. How do I configure the Winexit screensaver?

The Winexit screensaver can automatically terminate a user's programs and log the user off, after a specified period of inactivity.

To configure the screensaver:

01. Right-click Winexit.scr and press Install.

02. The Display Properties dialog opens at the Screen Saver tab, with the Logoff Screen Saver highlighted.

03. Configure the Wait time.

04. Press Settings.

05. Check the Force application termination box to terminate running programs.

06. Set Countdown for to the number of seconds you want the logoff dialog box to display before logging the user off.

07. In the Logoff Message box, type the message that will appear in the logoff dialog box.

08. Press OK.

09. Press Preview.

10. Press Cancel.

11. Press Apply and OK.

NOTE: The Force application termination option causes programs with unsaved data to quit. If you don't check this option, programs without unsaved data will be terminated, but programs with unsaved data won't terminate and the user will NOT be logged off.

NOTE: See tip 1179.

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