JSI Tip 4857. How do I convert a WINS database for use on a Windows 2000 server?

To convert a Windows NT 4.0 WINS database for use on a Windows 2000 server:

1. Open a CMD prompt on the Windows 2000 server.

2. Type net stop wins and press Enter.

3. Open a CMD promt on the Windows NT 4.0 server and type net stop wins, pressing Enter.

4. Copy the contents of the WINS folder, %SystemRoot%\System32\WINS from Windows NT 4.0 to %SystemRoot%\System32\WINS on the Windows 2000 server.

5. On the Windows 2000 server, mount the Windows 2000 CD-ROM and type expand <CD-ROM>\I386\Edb500.dl_ %SystemRoot%\System32\edb500.dll.

6. Start WINS on both servers by typing net start wins and pressing Enter on each server. You should receive a message that conversion is taking place. DO NOT stop this lenghty (up to an hour), CPU intensive, process.

NOTE: You may receive a system error and the event log may contain an event recording the start of conversion.

NOTE: At the conclusion of the conversion, your event log should contain:

Event Type: Information 
Event Source: JetConv 
Event Category: None 
Event ID: 1000 
Date: 2/17/2002 
Time: 11:18:02 AM 
User: N/A 
Computer: <ComputerName>
Description: The Jet Conversion utility has converted the database for the "WINS" service,
             database file in "c:\winnt\system32\wins\wins.mdb". The backup files of the old
             (pre-conversion) database have not been removed from "c:\winsbackup". 
             This directory can be cleaned up to free up disk space.

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