JSI Tip 4761. How do I set permissions for pre-staged computers with RIS?

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You can use Remote Installation Services to install computers that are running Windows 2000 Professional in a Windows 2000-based domain. You can create a specific client computer account by pre-staging the client computer account in the Active Directory directory service. After you pre-stage the client computer, the information is used to identify the computer during the network boot request by the Remote Installation Services client computer.

Users must have the appropriate permissions to use the pre-staged computer account. You can create a group of users that are can gain access to the pre-staged accounts. Remember to add users to the group before you assign the group permissions.

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How to Create and Set Permissions for a Pre-Staged Account

To create and set permissions for a pre-staged account:
  1. Click Start , point to Programs , point to Administrative Tools , and then click Active Directory Users and Computers .

  2. Right-click your domain name, point to View , and then click Users, Groups, and Computers .

  3. Right-click your domain name, and point to View , and then click Advanced Features .

  4. Right-click the applicable organizational unit (such as computers or domain controllers), point to New , and then click Computer .

  5. In the New Object - Computer dialog box, type the computer name in the Computer name box, and then click Next .

  6. Click to select the This is a managed computer check box, type in the computer's globally unique identifier (GUID) in the Computer's unique ID (GUID/UUID) box, and then click Next .

  7. Click Any available remote installation server if you want any Remote Installation Services computer to support the client.

  8. Click The following remote installation server , type the name of the server if you want to limit the Remote Installation Services computer that supports the client. and then click Next .

  9. Review your settings, and then click Finish .

  10. Right-click the computer account that you created, and then click Properties .

  11. In the computer Properties dialog box, click the Security tab.

  12. Click Add to add the user or group to which you want to grant permissions. After you click the user or group, assign the Read , Write , Reset password , and Change password permissions, and then click OK .

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