JSI Tip 4756. How do I re-create a missing Automated System Recovery (ASR) floppy disk?

If you lost your ASR floppy disk:

01. Format a 1.44 MB floppy disk.

02. All Programs / Accessories / System Tools / Backup.

03. Press Restore Files and Settings and press Next.

04. Insert the media that contains the ASR backup and select it.

05. Expand the Backup Set.

06. Expand the 2nd instance of the drive letter that contains the system files, navigating to the %Windir%\Repair folder.

07. Select the Asr.sif and asrpnp.sif files and press Next.

08. Press Advanced.

09. Set the Restore Files to dialog to Single Folder, setting the Folder Name dialog to the root of the floppy, A:\.

10. Press Next.

11. Complete the wizard, as the remaining selections are optional.

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