JSI Tip 4748. How do I recover from a corrupted COM+ catalog?

To recover from a corrupted COM+ catalog:

1. Open a CMD prompt and type:

        cd %SystemRoot%\System32
        ren Clbcatq.dll ~Clbcatq.dll

2. Shutdown and restart your computer.

3. Use the Registry Editor to delete the COM3 key at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft.

4. Open a CMD prompt and type:

        cd %SystemRoot%.
        rmdir /s Registration.

5. Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs / Add/Remove Windows Components.

6. Press Next to reinstall COM+.

NOTE: You must also reinstall any 3rd party COM+ programs.

NOTE: You may have to perform this procedure in Safe mode if Windows File Protection interferes with this process.

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