JSI Tip 4697. How do I install specific administration tools from Adminpak.msi?

In tip 4404, we installed the entire Windows 2000 Adminpak.msi.

To install selected tools, open a CMD prompt and copy the Adminpak.msi file to the %SystemRoot%\System32 folder. Then use the following syntax:

msiexec /i adminpak.msi ADDLOCAL=Abbreviation /qb

where Abbreviation is case sensitive and chosen from the following table:

Abbreviation Server Administration tool
FeCERTConsole Certification Authority
FeClusterConsole Cluster Administrator
FeCMAKConsole Connection Manager Administration Kit  
FeDFSConsole Distributed File System
FeDNSConsole DNS
FeIASConsole Internet Authentication Service
FeIISConsole Internet Services Manager
FeACSConsole QoS Admission Control
FeRSConsole Remote Storage
FeRRASConsole Routing and Remote Access
FeTAPIConsole Telephony
FeTSClientConsole   Terminal Services Client
FeTSMgrConsole Terminal Services Tools
FeADTools Active directory Tools

NOTE: Active Directory Tools include:

Active Directory Domains and Trusts 
Active Directory Sites and Services 
Active Directory Users and Computers
NOTE: Terminal Services Tools include:
Terminal Services Licensing 
Terminal Services Manager
If you receive Internal Error 2711, you typed the command incorrectly.

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