JSI Tip 4694. How can I delegate administrative authority over an organizational unit or site?

You can assign responsibility over users, groups, printers, and other resources in an OU or site, by delegating all or some administrative permissions.

A user that has delegated authority and delegate all or some of that authority to another user or group.

To delegate authority over an OU (or a domain):

01. Open the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in.

02. Right click the OU (or domain) over which you wish to delegate authority and press Delegate Control.

03. Press Next on the Welcome to the Delegate Control Wizard dialog.

04. Press the Add button.

05. In the Look in box, select a domain or Entire Directory from which to select the user / group that will receive the authority.

06. Select the user(s) or group(s) from the list and press Add and OK. If you want additional users / groups, repeat this step.

07. Press Next.

08. Check the tasks you wish to delegate and press Next or Create a custom task to delegate and press Next.

09. If you created a custom task make your selection on the next two dialog boxes.

10. When the wizard summarizes your selections, press Finish (or Back to amend them).

To delegate authority over a Site, Inter-Site Transport, Subnet, or the Services container:

01. Open the Active Directory Sites and Services snap-in.

02. Right-click the container over which you wish to delegate authority and press Delegate Control.

03. Use the same basic procedure as for OUs, but the dialog boxes will be slightly different.

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