JSI Tip 4654. What is hibernation and how do I enable it?

Hibernate mode is a special form of shutdown in which the current state of the computer is saved to disk, and the computer is powered down. When a computer resumes from hibernation, it reads the saved state data and restores the system to the same state. Programs that were open are restarted and network connections are restored.

The ability to hibernate is not enabled by default. To enable hibernate support:

1. Control Panel / Power Options / Hibernate tab.

2. Check the Enable hibernate support box.

3. Press Apply and OK.

NOTE: You must have RAM disk space available on the System drive, for the hiberfil.sys file.

NOTE: If a computer is not ACPI-enabled or APM-enabled, you are only able to enter hibernate mode manually, by selecting Hibernate on the Shutdown dialog drop-down list. ACPI-enabled and APM-enabled computers are able to enter hibernate mode automatically.

NOTE: Resuming from hibernate mode requires a user to enter a user name and password.

NOTE: Your hardware must support hibernation in order to use hibernate mode. If the Hibernate tab is not available, your computer does not support hibernation.

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