JSI Tip 4598. How do I configure Internet printing in Windows 2000 and manage printers using a Web browser?

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 313058 contains the following summary:

This article describes how to configure Internet printing in Windows 2000 and how to manage and connect to printers by using a Web browser.

When you use Internet printing, you can print or manage documents from a Web browser. Internet printing is enabled automatically on a Windows 2000 Server-based computer when you install Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). Printing is implemented by way of the Internet Print Protocol (IPP), which is encapsulated in the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

With Internet printing, you can manage any shared printer on the print server from your browser. If you are using a computer that is running Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 and later, you can print to a printer over an intranet or over the Internet by typing the address of the print server in the Address box, for example, http://myprintserver/printers/.

When you click Connect on the printers Web page, the server generates a .cab file that contains the appropriate printer driver files and downloads it to the client computer. The printer that is installed is displayed in the Printers folder on the client.

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