JSI Tip 4593. You receive an error when opening the Component Services MMC?

When you open the Component Services Microsoft Management Console (MMC), your receive:

An error occurred while processing the last operation. Error code: 8004e00f - COM+ was unable to talk to the MSDTC.
The event log may contain additional troubleshooting information.

The Application event log may contain:

   Event Type: Error
   Event Source: MSDTC Event
   Category: LOG
   Event ID: 4163
   Description: MS DTC log file not found.

   Event Type: Error
   Event Source: MSDTC Event
   Category: TM
   Event ID: 4185
   Description: MS DTC Transaction Manager start failed. LogInit returned error 0x2.

   Event Type: Error
   Event Source: MSDTC Event
   Category: SVC Event
   ID: 4112
   Description: Could not start the MS DTC Transaction Manager.
These erros are a result of a missing or damaged MS DTC (Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator).

Make sure that all Resource Manager that are coordinated by MS DTC have no "in-doubt" transactions.

To fix the problem:

1. Use Windows Explorer to expand the %SystemRoot%\System32\Dtclog folder.

2. If a Msdtc.log file exists, rename it to Msdtc.old.

3. Opens NOTEPAD and save an empty file as %SystemRoot%\System32\Dtclog\Msdtc.log.

5. Open a CMD prompt and type: msdtc -resetlog and press Enter.

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