JSI Tip 4552. You cannot add and/or see printers in Windows 2000?

When you use the Add Printer Wizard, you may experience:

- Previously installed printers don't appear in the Printers folder.

- The Add Printer Wizard does NOT do anything.

- When you try to display Server Properties, nothing happens.

This behavior can be caused by having 3rd party or old .DLL files in both the %SystemRoot% folder and the %SystemRoot%\System32 folder.

The only .DLL files that Microsoft installs in the %SystemRoot% folder are:

If other .DLL files exist in the %SystemRoot% folder, I would rename them to *.OLD_DLL and restart your computer.

NOTE: This may break some 3rd party applications.

NOTE: If mscms.dll is missing from SystemRoot%\System32, expand a copy from your CD-ROM.

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