JSI Tip 4530. Retiring Windows NT Server 4.0: Changes in Product Availability and Support.

THe following schedule has been posted to http://www.microsoft.com/ntserver/ProductInfo/Availability/Retiring.asp:

The Microsoft® Windows NT® Server 4.0 family of operating systems began entering the marketplace in September 1996. After five years on the market—and with the increasing adoption of its successor, the Windows® 2000 Server family of operating systems—Windows NT Server 4.0 is being retired in phases. This article describes the schedule for changes in product availability and support.

Changes in Product Availability

As announced in September 2001, and effective October 1, 2001, Windows NT Server 4.0 (Standard or Enterprise Edition) is no longer available through Microsoft Volume Licensing programs. This product line will continue to be phased out through July 1, 2003, as indicated below.

July 1, 2002 Windows NT Server 4.0 (Standard and Enterprise Edition) Full Packaged Product (FPP) will no longer be available in the reselling channel.

July 1, 2002 Windows NT Server 4.0 (Standard, Enterprise Edition, Terminal Server Edition) will no longer be offered through the Direct OEM channel.

July 1, 2003 Windows NT Server 4.0 (Standard) will no longer be offered through the System Builder channel.

Changes in Product Support

Today, those running Windows NT Server 4.0 (Standard, Enterprise Edition, or Terminal Server Edition) are eligible for all standard support services, which include:

  • Pay-per-incident support
  • Premier support
  • Ability to request and obtain QFEs (or "hot fixes") at no charge
  • Online support

Changes in these services will take effect as indicated below.

January 1, 2003 Beginning on this date, customers requesting QFEs will be charged a fee. (Premier customers should contact their Premier Technical Account Manager for details on associated fees.)

January 1, 2004 Pay-per-incident and Premier support will no longer be available. QFEs will no longer be available.

January 1, 2005
(or later)
Online support will no longer be available.

Note:  Microsoft is continuing to provide security updates to all our customers free of charge.

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