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JSI Tip 4525. Managing the Advanced tab of the Windows 2000 Taskbar & Start Menu via the registry.

To set the options at Start / Settings / Taskbar & Start Menu / Advanced via the registry, navigate to:


Use the following table to set the options:

  Option     Value Name     Data Type     Checked  
  data value  
  data value  
  Display Administrative Tools     StartMenuAdminTools     REG_SZ     YES     NO  
  Display Favorites     StartMenuFavorites     REG_DWORD     1     0  
  Display Logoff     StartMenuLogoff     REG_DWORD     1     0  
  Expand Control Panel     CascadeControlPanel     REG_SZ     YES     NO  
  Expand My Documents     CascadeMyDocuments     REG_SZ     YES     NO  
  Expand Network and Dial-UP Connections     CascadeNetworkConnections     REG_SZ     YES     NO  
  Expand Printers     CascadePrinters     REG_SZ     YES     NO  
  Scroll the Programs Menu     StartMenuScrollPrograms     REG_SZ     YES     NO  

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