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JSI Tip 4439. How do I use Group Policy to deploy a Windows 2000 Service Pack?

To deploy a Windows 2000 Service Pack using Group Policy:

01. Download the W2KSPn file to a distribution share, or copy it from the Service Pack CD-ROM.

02. Open a CMD prompt and switch to the distribution share folder.

03. Type W2KSPn.exe -x to expand the Service Pack. When prompted for a folder, choose the distribution share folder.

04. You may delete the W2KSPn.exe file.

05. Open the Active Directory Computers and Users snap-in.

06. Expand the tree through the domain where the computers reside and double-click the applicable OU (or the domain).

07. Right-click the object that the policy will be applied to and press Properties.

08. Select the Group Policy tab and press New. Name the Policy W2KSPn Update and press Enter.

09. With W2KSPn Update selected, press Edit.

10. Expand Computer Configuration / Software Settings.

11. Right-click Software installation, press New, and press Package.

12. Browse to the i386\Update folder in the distribution share.

13. Right-click the Update folder and press Open.

14. Right-click Update (Update.msi) and press Open.

15. Verify that the Assigned option is selected in the Deploy Software dialog and press OK.

16. Close the Group Policy snap-in.

17. Press Close on the Group Policy page of the Desktop Properties dialog.

18. Press Exit on the Console menu.

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