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JSI Tip 4378. The RSM Eject command may not move media to the <b>Off-line Media</b> library?

When you want to delete media from your tape library, the media must be in the Off-line Media pool.

When you use the Eject Media wizard, RSM normally moves the ejected media to the Off-line Media pool.

Some tape library changes do not support the Eject command for a single tape.

To eject media and move it to the Off-line Media pool on these devices, you must physically push the eject button, when prompted. You would then replace the media you wish to delete in the magazine with another tape, insert the magazine, and perform a full inventory. This will allow RSM to recognize that the media has been switched, causing the removed tape to be placed in the Off-line Media pool.

To perform a full inventory of a tape library:

1. In RSM expand the Physical Locations folder.

2. Select and right-click the tape library and press Properties.

3. Change the inventory method from None, or Fast, to Full.

4. Press OK.

5. Right-click the tape library and press Inventory.

Once RSM has completed the inventory, the missing tape should appear in the Off-line Media pool.

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