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JSI Tip 4352. Which Adminpak.msi file should I use?

Installing the proper Adminpak.msi file on your workstation, allows you to manage your forests and domains.

If you install the 'wrong' file, you may corrupt your Active Directory.

The correct tools are automatically installed on the server, by default. To install the tools on a workstation, you can get the Adminpak.msi file from the %Systemroot%\System32 folder of an installed server or from the I386 folder of the server CD-ROM.

Here are the rules:

- Windows 2000 Administration Tools must only be installed on Windows 2000 computer, and only used to manage Windows 2000 Active Directory.

- Windows .NET Administration Tools may be installed on either a Windows .NET server or a Windows XP Professional workstation. These tools can manage Windows 2000 and Windows .NET Active Directories.

- Windows .NET Administration Tools cannot be installed on a Windows 2000-based computer.

- The Adminpak.msi tools can NOT be installed on any earlier operating system.

NOTE: You can download the .NET beta Adminpak.msi files for Windows XP from the link at tip 4499.

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