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JSI Tip 4336. You receive an 'Access Denied' when you copy or rename files in the Recovery Console?

The Recovery Console allows you to access files in the root folder, the %SystemRoot% folder and subfolders of your Windows 2000 installation, the Cmdcons folder, and removable media drives, like a CD-ROM.

NOTE: See tip 2615 » The SET command in the Windows 2000 Recovery Console.

Even though you are copying or renaming a file in the %SystemRoot% folder or subfolders, you receive an Access Denied?

If you have removed the Everyone group from the permissions of %SystemRoot%, or from the root of the drive that contains %SystemRoot%, this error will occur.

If you have another partition with room to install Windows 2000, install it. Use it to grant Full Control for the Everyone group, and the System account, on the root of problem partition and on the %SystemRoot% folder and subfolders of the problem partition. After you can successfully boot the problem installation, use tip 2714 » How do I restore default NTFS permissions in Windows 2000?

NOTE: If the don't have any accessible partitions, mount the drive in another Window 2000 computer.

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