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JSI Tip 4293. Winmsd display high IRQ values for PCI devices on Windows 2000 and Windows NT?

If your computer adheres to the Intel MultiProcessor Specification version 1.4, Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) devices may display interrupt request (IRQ) numbers above 15.


Devices  Vector  Level  Affinity 
i8042prt   1       1    0xffffffff 
i8042prt  12      12    0xffffffff 
serial     4       4    0x00000000 
serial     3       3    0x00000000 
el59x     32      32    0x80719ce0 
floppy     6       6    0x00000000 
sndblst  178       5    0x00000001 
aic78xx   40      40    0x00000000
NOTE: the IRQs for the el59x and aic78xx devices.

NOTE: Press Hardware Resources and IRQ information.

This condition is normal and results from the way that the BIOS and HAL interacts with the computer's Asynchronous Processor Interrupt Controller (APIC).

NOTE: See tip 2239 ยป Windows 2000 IRQ sharing.

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