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JSI Tip 4230. How can I change the location of client-side cache in Windows 2000?

The offline cache is located at %SystemRoot%\csc.

To relocate the offline cache, use Cachemov.exe.

Using Cachemov.exe, an Administrator can create a new hidden CSC folder in the root of any other drive and move the cache to it.

I quote:

Cachemov.exe: Offline Files Cache Mover.

This GUI tool allows you to move your offline files cache to a different volume. By default it is created and remains on the root volume.

If space is becoming low on the root volume, you will want to move the cache to a different volume thus clearing space on the root volume and allowing Offline Files access to more disk space.

To run the program, decide onto which volume you wish to place your offline files cache. Make sure you have access to the volume and that there is free space on it. Then launch the program and select the volume from the list displayed. CacheMov will then proceed through the steps of moving the cache and setting up the necessary security on it.

Requirements and Cautions

  • You must be an Administrator to run this program.
  • You can only move the cache to a local fixed disk. You cannot place the cache on a network drive or a removable drive.
  • If you move the cache to a non-system drive and then do something to change the drive letters on the system, Offline Files may not work correctly.
  • It is a good idea to back up important files periodically. Although this tool has been tested thoroughly, further measures should be taken to protect your data from power failures and other contingencies.
  • It is best to keep the cache on an NTFS drive, so that non-administrators will not have access to the cache's internal files. However, Offline Files will function properly from a FAT or FAT32 volume as well.

Unattended Mode

To run CacheMov in unattended mode, use the following command line:

<b>cachemov -unattend</b> <i>v</i><b>:\</b>

where v:\ is the volume to which you wish to move the cache.

All results are logged to the Application Event Log. The DLL is needed only for unattended setup, and must be in the same directory as the Cachemov.exe executable.

File Required

  • Cachemov.exe
  • Cchmvmsg.dll

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