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JSI Tip 3988. Network Account Password Age (NetPWAge) freeware.

Marty List brings us NetPWAge freeware, a utility that displays the password age for all accounts in the specified domain, both users and machines. This is useful for cleaning out old, unused accounts from the SAM database.

The readme contains:

Network Account Password Age - version 1.30

Displays the password age for user and machine accounts in the specified domain.

The syntax of this command is:

 NetPWAge.exe /MACHINES|/USERS \[/DOMAIN:name|/COMPUTER:name\] \[/MIN:x\] \[/MAX:x\]
          \[/B\] \[/TABS\] \[/V\] \[/SHOWDC\]

  You must specify whether to retrieve /MACHINES or /USERS (or both).

  /DOMAIN queries an alternate domain, the current domain is the default.
  /COMPUTER queries a specific computer, instead of the PDC (Overrides /DOMAIN)
  /MIN:x only displays accounts whose password is at least x days old.
  /MAX:x only displays accounts whose password is at most x days old.
  /B displays output in bare format (useful when scripting).
  /TABS separates columns with tabs instead of spaces (useful when importing).
  /V displays verbose information, such as user full name and description.

  An argument of /ShowDC will include Domain Controllers in the output.
  WARNING: Active PDCs & BDCs don't always update their account passwords.

  An argument of /? or -? displays this syntax and returns 1.
  A successful completion will return 0.

 Copyright 1999 Marty List


Revision History:
1.30 	08/16/2000
Added support for /MAX, /TABS and /V

1.20 	11/28/1999
Added support for /B and /SHOWDC

1.10 	09/06/1999
Added support for /USERS and /COMPUTER

1.00 	07/27/1999
Initial release.

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