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JSI Tip 3987. Cover Your Tracks (CYT) freeware.

Marty List brings us CYT freeware, which allows you to change the default user name that is shown at the logon prompt. This is useful when you have logged onto a user's computer and don't want them to lock out your account by typing their password with your UserName.

The readme contains:

Cover Your Tracks version 2.50

A default user logon utility for Windows.  Allows you to change 
the default user ID shown at the next logon.

Use Cyt.exe /? to view the optional command-line syntax.

Copyright ©1998-2000 Marty List

Requires MSVBVM50.DLL version 05.00.4319 or later.  To obtain the
latest versions of the Microsoft Visual Basic run-time files, see
the Microsoft Support Knowledge Base article Q180071:


Revision History:
2.50 	11/28/2000
Added code to reset the user name shown for each RAS profile on Win9x.

2.02 	07/20/2000
Fixed a bug with DontDisplayLastUser on Windows 2000.

2.00	06/19/2000
Added support for Windows 2000 and Windows 9x.

1.10	05/15/1998
Added option to modify profiles and support for command-line switches.

1.00	04/09/1998
Initial release.

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