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JSI Tip 3970. ModifyProfile freeware loads/modifies hive of user who is not logged on.

Marty List brings us

The ReadMe.txt contains:

Modify Profile \[version 1.20\]

Loads Registry hives and modifies profiles for users who are not currently
logged in.  Can also be used to modify new user profiles (Default User).

Syntax:  ModifyProfile.exe /PROFILE:profilename|ALL /REG:filename /KEYNAME:name


ModifyProfile.exe /PROFILE:ALL /REG:"C:\TEMP\New Stuff.reg" /KEYNAME:TempHive

ModifyProfile.exe /PROFILE:"C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\NTUser.dat" /REG:C:\TEMP\NewStuff.reg /KEYNAME:TempHive

The /REG parameter must be a valid .REG file able to be imported by REGEDIT.EXE.
The key name must be listed under HKEY_USERS and must match the name specified
in the /KEYNAME parameter.  Example:

  Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

  \[HKEY_USERS\TempHive\Software\Optimum X\Modify Profile\1.20\]

An argument of /PROFILE:ALL will modify all existing profiles and Default User.
An argument of /? or -? displays this syntax and always returns 10.
A successful completion will return 0.

Copyright 1999-2002 Marty List
To add Key AAA to the Software hive of user testpwd and add Value Name bbb under AAA:
modifyprofile /profile:"C:\Documents and Settings\testpwd\NTUSER.DAT" /REG:C:\ZIPNEW\temp.reg /keyname:TESTHIVE

where temp.reg contains:



The program displays:


Modify Profile version 1.20 Profile that will be modified: C:\Documents and Settings\testpwd\NTUSER.DAT Reg file that will be imported: C:\ZIPNEW\temp.reg Name that will be used when loading the key: TESTHIVE

========================================================================== Loading hive C:\Documents and Settings\testpwd\NTUSER.DAT Importing C:\ZIPNEW\temp.reg Unloading hive C:\Documents and Settings\testpwd\NTUSER.DAT Successful. Process is exiting with a return code of 0.

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