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JSI Tip 3967. How do I disable FTP Folders?

FTP Folders is an Internet Explorer 5.x shell enhancement that enables you to browse FTP sites in Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer.

FTP Folders is installed by default in Windows 2000, or when you install a full or typical installation of IE 5.x.

To disable FTP Folders:

1. Control Panel / Internet Options.

2. Select the Advanced tab.

3. Under the Browsing catagory, check the Enable Folder View for FTP sites box, which disables FTP Folders and enables IE 4.0 FTP functionality.

FTP Folders does NOT support:

" - Connecting to the Internet using a CERN proxy server or Web proxy server.
  - Connecting to a Virtual Address Extension (VAX) or Virtual Memory System (VMS) FTP server.
  - Using Internet Explorer from within a separate program or service.
  - Copying files from one server to another.
  - Drag and drop functionality from an FTP server.
  - The Copy command on the Edit menu and context menus does not work for files on an FTP server, but you are able to copy files
    locally and paste them on an FTP server."

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