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JSI Tip 3965. What is the Windows 2000 upgrade report?

When you upgrade from Windows NT, Windows 95, or Windows 98, an upgrade report provides information about hardware, software, and settings on your computer that are incompatible with Windows 2000.

When you perform an upgrade, Setup prepares for the upgrade by:

1. Prompting you to provide software and hardware upgrade files.

2. Searching for incompatible hardware, software, and settings. 3. Creating an upgrade report that you can print or save. The report contains the following information:

" - Name changes. Indicates that the name of the computer needs to be changed. 
  - Substituted drives may no longer be required. 
  - Backup files were found. Indicates that the backup files from the previous operating system were found and will be deleted. 
  - MS-DOS configuration. Entries were found in the Autoexec.bat and Config.sys files that are incompatible with Windows 2000. 
  - Network incompatibilities. Previously installed network software and/or utilities are incompatible. 
  - Plug and Play hardware and incompatible hardware. Hardware was found that may require additional files from the manufacturer
    to operate correctly in Windows 2000. 
  - Software incompatible with Windows 2000. Programs were found that require upgrading to function correctly in Windows 2000. 
  - Recycle Bin. Files left in the Recycle Bin will be deleted during the upgrade."
The report describes the known problems you might encounter after upgrading to Windows 2000. If you decide that more preparation is required, you can Cancel the upgrade.

The report is stored at SystemRoot%\Upgrade.txt.

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