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JSI Tip 3962. How can I see the charge level of my Windows 2000 laptop's battery when I am using AC power?

To see the charge level of your battery(s):

1. Control Panel / Power Options / Power Meter.

2. Check the Show details for each battery box.

3. Select the Advanced tab.

4. Check the Always show icon on the taskbar box.

5. Press Apply and OK.

When the computer is on a single battery, placing the curor over the taskbar battery icon will display the state of charge.

When the computer is on AC power, a power cord icon is displayed when the battery is fully charged. A power cord with a lightning bolt indicates the battery is charging. To see the charge level, double-click the power cord.

NOTE: If you have 2 batteries, see 3099 ยป Windows 2000 laptop does NOT run low or critical battery alarm?

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