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JSI Tip 3958. Event ID 1051 appears after installing Windows 2000 SP2?

If a RIS server or DHCP server is NOT authorized in Active Directory, you may receive:

Event ID: 1051
Source: DHCPServer
Description: The DHCP/BINL service has determined that it is not authorized to service clients 
on this network for the Windows domain: <YourDomainName>
To resolve the problem, re-authorize your RIS server:

1. Start / Programs / Administrative Tools / DHCP to start the DHCP snap-in.

2. Right-click DHCP in the upper-left corner of the DHCP screen, and then press Manage Authorized Servers. If your server is not already listed, press Authorize, and enter the IP address of the RIS server.

3. When prompted, press Yes to verify that the IP address.

4. Restart the DHCP server.

To resolve this problem on a DHCP server that does NOT have RIS installed:

1. Set DisableRogueDetection to 1.

2. Restart the server for the setting to take effect.

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