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JSI Tip 3957. How can I Stop, Start, or Pause a Network News Transfer Protocol Virtual Server?

When you Start a NNTP Virtual Server, it accepts new user connections. When you Stop a NNTP Virtual Server, it disconnects current users and stops accepting new connections. When you Pause a NNTP Virtual Server, it does not accept new connections, but it continues to service existing user connection.

To Start, Stop, or Pause a NNTP Virtual Server:

1. Start the MMC tool and Add the Internet Information Services (IIS) snap-in.

2. Select the appropriate NNTP virtual server.

3. Use the Action menu to Start, Stop, or Pause the selected virtual server.

To prevent new connections, press Pause on the Action menu. To check for current users, press Current Sessions. To prevent current users from posting new articles, clear the Allow client posting box on the NNTP Settings tab. Once all users have disconnected, you can Stop the NNTP virtual server.

NOTE: You can also Start, Stop, or Pause the Microsoft NNTP Service. If you Stop the service, it will Stop all NNTP Virtual Servers, but this will prevent you from performing any administrative tasks using the MMC.

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