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JSI Tip 3923. Windows 2000 hangs for 45 minutes after you restore the System State?

After you restore the System State, DO NOT shutdown!

If you shutdown immediately, your computer will appear to hang during the "saving your Settings..." process.

The problem is that WFP is scanning the restored files to verify they are correctly signed and registered. Until WFP finishes, the shutdown process is suspended.

NOTE: This does NOT apply if you restore from Directory Services Restore Mode, or from Safe mode, as these modes disable WFP.

NOTE: Installing Service Pack 2 or later reduces the wait time considerably.

To keep your computer available and to determine when to shutdown:

1. Start Task Manager.

2. Select the Processes tab.

3. Press the CPU heading to sort by CPU utilization. You should see the Winlogon.exe process consuming over 75%.

4. Wait for the Winlogon.exe utilization to return to near zero before you shutdown.

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