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JSI Tip 3921. How can I expand the Windows 2000 Boot partition?

If you have free space adjacent to the NTFS Boot (Operating System) partition, you can use an in-place upgrade to expand it.

To perform the expansion:

1. Backup! Break any software mirror on the boot partition.

2. Start an in-place upgrade by running SETUP.EXE on the CD-ROM from within Windows 2000.

3. After the file copy process is complete, DO NOT REBOOT.

4. Use Notepad to open C:\$Win_nt$.~bt\winnt.sif.

5. Add ExtendOemPartition=1 in the \[Unattended\] section.

6. Restart the computer to enable the in-place upgrade to proceed.

NOTE: You must have 650MB of freespace on the boot partition.

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