JSI Tip 3919. 'Entry Point Not Found' in Kernel32.dll?

When you start a program, or it starts during log on, you receive:

Entry Point Not Found: The procedure entry point SetHandleContext could not be located in the dynamic link library: Kernel32.dll.

Reinstalling the program does NOT correct the error.

It is likely that a program designed for Win9x, or WinME, installed one or more incorrect .dll files which are attempting to call the SetHandleContext() API, which does not exist in the Windows 2000 version of Kernel32.dll.

To resolve this problem, search your drive root and all the folders in your PATH for incorrect versons of .dll files. Delete these incorrect incorrect .dll files.

NOTE: The problem files may be on a network server.

NOTE: See Q142606 - ErrMsg: Procedure Entry Point Could Not Be Located.

NOTE: Possible candidates for incorrect .dll files are (others may exist):


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