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JSI Tip 3902. Your Windows 2000 COM port settings are not retained?

When you restart your computer, COM port setting revert to the default value?

You can change them in Device Manager or at the a command prompt, but they are not retains after a restart?

If you Open a CMD prompt and type MODE COM1:, you receive a display similar to:

Status for device COM1:
    Baud:            1200
    Parity:          None
    Data Bits:       7
    Stop Bits:       1
    Timeout:         OFF
    XON/XOFF:        OFF
    CTS handshaking: OFF
    DSR handshaking: OFF
    DSR sensitivity: OFF
    DTR circuit:     ON
    RTS circuit:     ON
In Microsoft Windows 2000, COM port settings for command functions are maintained only for the active Windows session. Custom settings are discarded at shutdown.

To workaround this feature, create a Minimized shortcut in your startup folder. If you wanted COM1 to be
Baud rate=9600; Parity=None; Data Bits=8; Stop Bits=1
set the shortcut target to:

C:\winnt\system32\ com1: 9600,n,8,1

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