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JSI Tip 3896. Another way to grant the right to manage Windows 2000 services.

In tip 2928, we used Group Policy to grant a user the right to manage services.

You can use SubInAcl to grant the right. The syntax is:

SUBINACL /SERVICE \\ComputerName\ServiceName /GRANT=\[DomainName\\]UserName\[=Access\]


ComputerName   - The NetBIOS computer name. If omitted, the local computer is the default.
ServiceName    - The Service short name.
DomainName     - NetBIOS DomainName. If omitted, the local computer is searched for the UserName.
UserName       - The User account or group to be granted Access.
Access         - F : Full Control (The default if omitted)
                 R : Generic Read
                 W : Generic Write
                 X : Generic eXecute
                 L : Read controL
                 Q : Query Service Configuration
                 S : Query Service Status
                 E : Enumerate Dependent Services
                 C : Service Change Configuration
                 T : Start Service
                 O : Stop Service
                 P : Pause/Continue Service
                 I : Interrogate Service 
                 U : Service User-Defined Control Commands


NOTE: See tip 3897 for a script to grant access for all services.

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