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JSI Tip 3847. After upgrading from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000, your advanced video adapter settings are missing?

During the upgrade, your Windows NT 4.0 third party video driver was replaced by a standard Windows 2000 video driver for your adapter.

To resolve the issue:

1. Download a Windows 2000 driver from the adapter manufacturer and place it on a diskette.

2. Control Panel / Display.

3. Properties / Settings / Advanced.

4. On the Adapter tab, Properties / Driver / Update Driver.

5. Press Next / Display a list of the known drivers / Next.

6. Press Have Disk and insert the diskette from step 1 in the A drive.

7. Press OK.

8. Press Finish.

9. Close all open windows and restart your computer.

When you log on:

1. Control Panel / Display.

2. Properties / Settings / Advanced.

3. On the Monitor tab, Properties / Driver / Update Driver and follow the on screen instructions.

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