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JSI Tip 3841. What is the Windows 2000 Connected File feature?

The Windows 2000 shell (Explorer) supports a Connected File feature for HTML documents. When you perform any of the following commands on a primary HTML document, the command is also performed on all associated files:

Send to
This default behavior allows you to operate on an HTML document and preserve the links with associated files.

A primary HTML document must have a .htm or .html extension. To define the associated files, create a subfolder in the parent folder with a name that is equal to the primary HTML document, but without the .htm or .html extension. Instead, the primary document name is followed by one of the following case sensitive strings, based upon your language:

Example:If your primary HTML documents is named RegHack.htm, the subfolder should be named RegHack .files or RegHack _files. If I Move RegHack.htm, all documents in the RegHack _files subfolder are also moved. If I Delete the RegHack _files subfolder, the RegHack.htm file is also deleted.

NOTE: If I Rename RegHack.htm, I would receive a warning:

Rename Warning!
If you rename this file, it will no longer belong to the folder RegHack_files.
To rename it safely, open the file, save it with a new name, and then delete the folder RegHack_files.
Do you want to rename this file anyway?
If I rename RegHack_files, I would receive:
Rename Warning!
If you rename this folder, the associated HTML file RegHack.htm might not work properly.
To rename the folder without damaging any files, open RegHack.htm, save it with a new name, and then delete the folder RegHack_files.
Do you want to rename this folder anyway?
NOTE: The Connected Files feature does NOT operate at a CMD prompt.

You can disable the Connected Files feature by using Regedt32 to navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer. On the Edit menu, Add Value name NoFileFolderConnection, a REG_DWORD data type, and set the data value to 1.

NOTE: Some programs depend on the Connected Files feature. The Internet Explorer Save As / Web Page, complete (.*htm,*.html) command depends upon this feature.

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